Welcome to Envy Care Envy Care cleans and polishes vehicles like MAGIC without water.

Welcome to Envy Care


About the Company and Owner

ENVY CARE has been in the marketplace for several years and it's products have been brought to a product of choice status by the owner, Bob Lavoie. Bob has been in the Waterless car care business for over 20 years and is very well known in the RV, Auto, Motorcycle and Truck industry. He is certified in Paint Restoration, Headlight Restoration, Windshield Repair and Crystaline Polymer sealant technology for paint and fiberglass. He was awarded these certificates at one of the leading Detailing Universities in the country and has the support of their R&D department to solve most field problems.

Bob is President of Envy Care and has introduced many AWARD WINNING products which are user friendly and Commercial Grade, all with a no-time limit warranty for retail accounts.

ENVY CARE will always deliver cutting edge technology along with a hard to beat level of service.

To place an order, discuss products or to get information on our wholesale and dealer programs call 1-800-858-6876.

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